The Cosentino Group Present at the National Day of Spain at the Expo Milano 2015

The global leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for solutions for the world of architecture and design, the Cosentino Group was present at the National Day celebrations that took place this week in Spain’s Pavilion at the Expo Milano 2015.

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As a collaborating company for the construction of Spain’s Pavilion – managed by Acción Cultural Española – representatives of the multinational, and part of the delegation, participated in the official act led by Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy.  The Cosentino Group was represented by Pilar Martínez-Cosentino Alfonso, Managing Director; Álvaro de la Haza, Corporate Secretary Director; Santiago Alfonso, Marketing and Communications Director and Roberto Franceschin, Country Manager for Cosentino Italy.

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The Cosentino Group, which currently distributes its products in over 80 countries and has its own assets in 26 of them, shares the values and core philosophy of both the Expo as well as the proposal put forward by Spain.  Food, gastronomy, efficiency of resources, design and technological innovation are also essential areas of activity for this company from Almería.

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As a result of this commitment, the Cosentino Group has collaborated in the construction and decoration of the Pavilion, designed by the b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos architecture studio, by offering its materials, in particular its ultra-compact surface Dekton®.  Cosentino provided almost 1,000m2 of this innovative material for various uses and in different sizes and finishes, as well as basins made from its leading Silestone® surface.

Visitors to Spain’s Pavilion had the chance to appreciate the Dekton® flooring in the public area, exhibition space, multi-purpose room, vegetable garden, and in the workshop and restaurant areas.  It was also used for worktops (a tapas bar counter, the counter of the bar of the auditorium and the counter of the bar in the VIP area) as well as for the staircase leading to the restaurant on the second floor.

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Many of these locations will be the main focus areas of the Pavilion during the days to mark the Week of Spain that will host various activities such as “Innovation and Culinary Excellence” – offered by the Basque Culinary Center and Acción Cultural Española – bringing to Milan some of Spain’s most internationally renowned chefs.

Cosentino also participated with one of the most attractive and innovative interior design ideas of the Pavilion: the recreation of the tomato genome on Dekton® slabs used for the flooring in the exhibition space and public areas on the ground floor.

The architecture studio b720 selected 2cm Dekton® slabs in the colour Zenith to help them achieve this design milestone, and etched onto them – using an inkjet printing technique – the DNA sequence in letters as well as a drawing of a tomato in various shades of grey.  This is made possible as Dekton® allows for total customisation of designs, making it the perfect partner for designers and architects around the world.  The cutting-edge inkjet technology – unique in the stone industry – can be used to print any design required by professionals.



The Cosentino Group Cooperates with the Spain Pavilion in the 2015 Milan Expo

  •  The multinational company has become a key partner collaborating in the construction and supply of materials for the Spain Pavilion, designed by Fermín Vázquez’s b720 studio.
  • Cosentino has supplied almost 1,000m2 of its Dekton® ultra compact surface in different sizes and finishes, as well as bathroom basins manufactured using its quartz surface Silestone®.
  • One of the most appealing proposals in the Pavilion will be the recreation of the tomato genome in Dekton® slabs, using inkjet printing technology, which will be applied as flooring in the public exhibition areas.

A global leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, The Cosentino Group, has become the first collaborating company for the Spain Pavilion in the 2015 Milan Expo which will be officially opened on 1 May. This cooperation has come about through the agreement reached with Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), the public body responsible for managing Spain’s presence in Universal and International Expositions. 

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Cosentino Collaborates with Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel & Partners at Milan Design Week 2015

  • The Deep Words Light installation is featured at the University of Milan as part of the “Interni, Energy for Creativity 2015” event 
  • The installation, inspired by the Teatro Olimpico of Palladio, creates an outdoor theatre completely designed with Dekton® surfaces 





FROM APRIL 13th TO MAY 24th, 2015


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The global leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for the world of architecture and design, the Cosentino Group is set to astonish visitors of Milan Design Week with an extraordinary installation: Deep Words Light, born from the collaboration between Cosentino and Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners. Read more

Expert Advice from Cosentino on The Bathshack Blog

Our very own Mark Burke from Cosentino Ireland gives his advice on how to create a modern feel in your home by utilising your bathroom, as well as the lowdown on this year’s bathroom trends – read the full blog post here!








The Cosentino Group and Monica Förster Collaborate at Stockholm Design Week 2015

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The Spanish world leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, the Cosentino Group has collaborated with the Monica Förster Design Studio, during Stockholm Design Week 2015. The first collaboration, Twilight is a collection of table accessories and outdoor candleholders, which are made of Dekton and will be presented in an exhibition at Bianchi Café & Cycles in Stockholm.

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House of Dekton – A Cosentino Project by Steffen Kehrle

The Cosentino Group will be presenting the ‘House of Dekton’ project by designer Steffen Kehrle at diverse European shows this year:

BAU – Munich: 19-24 January 2015, Hall A4, Booth 301
SFF – Stockholm: 3-7 February 2015, Hall A42:16
Made Expo – Milan: 18-21 March 2015
Construmat – Barcelona: 18-22 May 2015

Using huge slab sizes, the remarkable house delivers a powerful experience of the ultra-compact Dekton surface.

Dekton is produced using advanced ‘Technology of Sintered Particles (TSP)’ and represents an innovation in surface design for high-end architecture and design projects.

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Last year, the world leader in the production of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, the Cosentino Group launched Dekton®; a surface material whose dimensions are huge, and not only with respect to slab sizes. “The material’s many outstanding qualities offer both architects and interior designers totally new options, and it is these options we want to showcase with the ‘House of Dekton’”, says designer Steffen Kehrle. Featuring outstanding aesthetics, the House of Dekton combines the many different possible applications of Dekton. The 14-sided house is made entirely of Dekton: floors, walls, roof, seating and a corresponding 14-sided table as the central element. Flexibility is not only demonstrated in the material itself but also in the central table that is used as a counter or meeting point: Dekton kits containing screwdrivers, lighters and aggressive cleaning agents are supplied so that visitors can test the surface’s outstanding resilience for themselves. The material’s properties are also communicated via icons engraved in the wall and floor panels, removing the need for additional information boards. 

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The Cosentino Group takes part in Living Kitchen (Cologne) and KBIS (Las Vegas)

  •  Cosentino will present the latest developments in Dekton® and Silestone®; technologically advanced materials for use both in private and professional kitchens.
  • The two shows present the latest trends and developments in kitchen furniture and are an essential showcase for industry professionals and companies. 

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Cosentino at Living Kitchen (Cologne, Germany), 19-25 January 2015

Pavilion 4.1, Stand C-029

The Spanish world leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, The Cosentino Group, is attending two of the world’s most important trade shows in the kitchen design industry; The Living Kitchen show in Cologne (Germany) from January 19th to 25th, and the KBIS in Las Vegas (United States) from the 20th to the 22nd. The two shows present the latest trends and developments in kitchen furniture and are an essential showcase for industry professionals and companies. Read more

Rafa Nadal, the Worldwide Face of Dekton by Cosentino

  •  The new advertising campaign for Dekton® features tennis star Rafa Nadal and will be launched simultaneously all over the world.
  • Under the title “DEKTON. UNLIMITED.”, the campaign presents the perfect combination of Rafa Nadal, whose talent, strength and versatility on any surface has made him a world leader in sport, and Dekton®, a product made unique by its resistance, longevity, advanced technology, durability, versatility and beauty.

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The ultracompact surface for the world of architecture and design, Dekton® by Cosentino, is launching its new advertising campaign together with Rafa Nadal as the face of the brand. The framework for the agreement signed between the multinational company and the tennis player from Majorca at the end of 2014, through which Cosentino has become a sponsor of the “Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar” project, also includes the use of his image for advertising purposes. The campaign launch will take place simultaneously worldwide.

See the ‘Making Of’ video here!

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Explore Dekton by Cosentino at Surface Design Show 10-12 February 2015 – Stand 400

The revolutionary and innovative ultracompact surface, Dekton® by Cosentino will be showcased at the Surface Design Show from the 10-12 February 2015 on stand 400. The ideal solution for architects, interior designers, builders, developers and shop fitters, Dekton by Cosentino benefits from a wide range of unique properties, is available in ultra size slabs of 3200mm x 1440mm and comes in three different thicknesses (8mm, 12mm and 20mm) depending on application requirements, the desired design and effect.

With over five times the flexural strength of granite with scratch, stain and heat resistant properties, Dekton’s high compressive strength also means it is the ideal material for large-traffic walkways. Its high resistance to UV rays extends Dekton’s applications to both indoor and outdoor projects, resulting in endless possibilities; whether for a shop façade, kitchen worksurface, hotel floor, swimming pool, or bathroom cladding.

Dekton® Flooring in Strato in Pepe Jeans Barcelona 

 Dekton® Swimming Pool in Edora

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Dekton by Cosentino obtains ETA 14/0413 evaluation and CE marking as an external wall cladding of ventilated façades

  • According to the European Technical Assessment issued by the Catalonia Institute of Construction Technology (ITeC), the Dekton® surface can be perfectly incorporated onto ventilated façades by means of different types of concealed stainless steel or aluminium fixings, thanks to its excellent technical properties

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The new ultracompact surface from Cosentino for the world of architecture and design, Dekton by Cosentino, has obtained the European Technical Assessment (ETA) 14/0413 evaluation and the 1220-CPR-1459 certificate for CE marking as an external wall cladding for ventilated façades.

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